About me

About Heartwood Cabinetry

I decided to start Heartwood Cabinetry after more than ten years of experience in woodworking: I’ve helped build homes from the ground up; I’ve worked on high-end remodeling from start to finish; I’ve made and installed over forty kitchens from raw materials.  And while it seems like many people in the trades have taken on their jobs by default, for me, Heartwood Cabinetry is the work I was born to do.  Looking back on myself as a kid, when I wasn't throwing around a baseball, I was off in the woods building forts.

I reconnected with that childhood interest working as a carpenter during summer breaks in college. It felt natural and rewarding, and within a couple years, I had built my parents a garage and bathroom addition. I liked the challenge of taking on those types of projects, and began to think of pursuing woodworking professionally. But I also knew I wanted to earn a college degree. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from UNH in 2003.  

College gave me the confidence and ability to learn on my own, and I applied that work ethic to my carpentry. I have taken classes on furniture making as well as traditional timber framing and design. I have also dedicated much of my personal time to developing my craft. I got involved with the Guild of NH Woodworkers, where I served on the Steering Committee, and wrote articles for their newsletter, The Old Saw. I visited Shaker museums, and volunteered to help with fine furniture auctions - just to be around the real thing. I have sought out any challenge or opportunity that would help hone my skills.

After starting out in frame to finish carpentry, I found my home in a cabinet shop, building high-end kitchens, baths, and built-ins. Working for a small company, I carried out every step of the process: from building the plywood boxes and making doors, to applying all different types of finish, and finally installing them in the home. I have built cabinetry for small spaces and for large spaces, and every design in between. 

I take pride in the things I've built. In my own home, I am surrounded by hand crafted furniture and cabinetry. I love the warm earth tones of the wood, and the clean lines of a simple, well-executed design. I take the same pride in completing projects for customers, working to enhance the atmosphere of their homes.